I recently worked alongside a baptist Church who are seeking to help spiritual seekers find and experience the good news of Jesus.

Alongside stalls selling Aloe Vera products, fair trade goodies, organic smoothies and cakes galore sat a range of tables encouraging punters to experience something mysterious. There was a ‘Jesus Deck’ stall, a collection of cards depicting through the 4 gospels (4 suits) the life of Jesus. Individuals choose two cards and are asked questions about their life and the story of Jesus.

The Jesus Deck

Another stall helped people interpret dreams as my friend Heather listened to people’s dreams and listened to what God may be saying through them too. Another stall was titled ‘prophetic art’ where people were given pictures that would encourage, strengthen and comfort.

Other stalls included prayer for healing, circle prayers and stones of hope, where people could choose a stone with a simple word of hope.

The live music from John Froud created an atmosphere of worship, yet not in a sing-a-long chorus type way… one of being still and taking it in.

CentreTwo years ago a local resident had ventured in to a similar fair where I was doing some art work for pictures. She told me that I had encouraged her to ‘open her heart to God.’ Which, unbeknown to me she went home and did just that. She asked for another picture and when I opened up an old sketch pad there was a painting that simply stated ‘center’ which I had painted 2 months earlier. This, I felt was for her! We spoke together about putting Jesus at the centre of her life.

I also encouraged her to share what she has with others and soon after, sure enough, when stall holders from the community called her over to explain what had happened in her life she was able to plainly and in a language they could understand explain what God had done for her.

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