Sunday morning and I’m clueless as to what to do out and about amongst the crowds in the city. All I’ve brought with me is a bunch of trays, a small budget of a £10 and I’m hoping for some fresh ideas.

I do these Sunday mornings outreaches to be among the majority of people who don’t attend a Sunday morning service… so once a month on a Sunday morning instead of being at a service or speaking to Christians I seek to encourage people to consider the christian faith. Activities have been varied and creative over the past few years… Lots of ‘giveaways,’ a clown workshops, painting and even a VIP red carpet.

They’ve been fun and have spoken about the goodness of God and the good new of Jesus. But today I didn’t know what to do…

As I ventured into the city centre I quickly worked out that the Italian festival had taken over the city. Pizza stalls, artists and shop keepers galore where advertising their wares. It was busy, loud and brash, a celebration of the 8,000 or so people who live in Peterbough with an Italian heritage.

So, I challenged my small team of 3 to come up with ideas as to what to give away on a tray. As I walked about with Paddy (terrific new student with the light project and one of the most exuberant evangelists I know) we thought about the stall holders and whether we could offer tea and coffees to them. Somehow before working out what we should do it all kind of happened… We simply met people, spoke about what we were up to and how we wanted to bless the stall holders with a hot drink. We struck up a good partnership with the local outdoor cafe who offered us half price teas and coffees… To then pass on. Conversations flowed. It was so easy, a simple thing to bless and encourage, and show good news.


“We could have spent all day here…” I said to Paddy as we rushed back to meet up with the other two who had gone out amongst the crowds. It turned out that they had been ‘led’ to a group of young adults, just hanging out. One in particular wanted to talk and had lots of questions about being a Christian. She asked if she could become a Christian and prayed with one of the team. Good news.

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