I started my prayer day today with a long list. Full of angst, work I needed to do, concerns about people, stuff and more stuff on top of stuff. Than I felt I needed to ask God about what was on His agenda for me. It had one item: heaven.

two lists

I was then drawn to the scriptures in Matthew’s gospel. ‘But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be given to you as well.’ The agenda of seeking His Kingdom and encountering heaven on earth was just the best. I spent my whole prayer day around the theme of seeking first His Kingdom. The list on the left faded into nothingness as I embraced the agenda on the right. I wrote a poem as I walked and prayed.

All things new

Pure place

Positioned right here in the present

Not ‘one day’ or ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ or good idea or kinda’ reign

It’s reign right here, righteous, right, good, as it was meant

Making all things new, now

In you, me, an exchange of crud for gold

Purest, simplest, ‘refine-ist’.


Brokeness made whole, tears now flow accompanied with laughter

Not rejection or fearsome could have beens

All things new, coming to me, coming to you

The Kings Kingdom plonked right now

The most perfect

‘Pleasant’ doesn’t describe it

It’s as if the most bright red jewels started to magically appear on the street amongst the moldy turds of the neighbours dog

Or gold replaced pot holed paths

Pearls fell instead of acid rain

Toilets blocked with chuncky diamonds

Stretching the metaphor too far? I don’t think so as

Rancid hearts are made to beat

Cobwebbed thoughts are made to dance

Wrinkled, dried out raison souls now smooth chasms of clear spring water

Bruised grey minds now full colour, beaming

The Kings rain has come, reign advancing until all things are made new 

The thirsty given water without cost

Bung it to the top and look for the Kingdom

Long for it and long some more

Stretch it and proclaim it

The Kingdom is here.

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