The shock has finally waned… After 4 days. Getting up has been a real effort, concentrating throughout long days of work has been a struggle and focusing on what people have actually been saying to me has required much effort. (Sorry if I’ve stared at you blankly over the last few days.)

The shock is the by product of having had holiday time where I turn my phone off and focus on my family and having an adventure on our bikes and at the seaside. I also take extra time to simply ‘be’ to pray and meditate, read and praise. It’s a time of joy, reconnecting with and enjoying God.

My prayer throughout this year is to take aspects of holiday into all I do in ministry. You see the economics of Kingdom productivity and fruitfulness is to abide with Jesus. It’s all wrong and topsy turvy, yet in gospel of John, chapter 15, Jesus reveals the secret for fruitfulness: To dwell in Him and He in us. There is no other way of doing this than taking lavish time. This requires downing tools and simply being with Jesus, to enjoy him and love him when the world shouts ‘look busy!’

As I write this I am on my way up to visit The Light Project team in Chester. Glyn who leads the team has asked me to share some words at a gathering of new full time students and with the staff team. On my heart is this mystery: fruitfulness comes through walking in the slipstream of Jesus.

What a challenge to activists and doers (like me) who love to set up new projects or make new things, to see people become Christians and to share the good news of Jesus. My tendency is to become busy and to ram my diary with as much activity as possible, when Jesus asks me to abide with him first and foremost… And then fruit that will last will come.

So, the secret for effectiveness and productivity is to walk closely with the one who calls us to a life of fruitfulness, not out of our resources but through the everlasting resources of the one who makes all things new.


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