I worked with a small team today with the hope to reach out to people who live, work and play around the church building of Park Road Baptist church in Peterborough.

It is part of my role as mission enabler with them, but we really didn’t have a plan what to do today… A mix of my bad planning as well as enjoying the adventure of going and doing something new!

The day before had been brilliant. We had simply opened up the doors to the church building and offered free tea and coffee. It was humbling to meet so many precious people with broken stories and a longing for hope.

Today we didn’t know what to do other than we had a hunch that we needed to head to the park in which the church buildings address originates. So, we prayed and asked God what he wanted us to do. I then suggested we needed to buy a large water melon, cut it up and give it away to bless people. We bought the biggest one possible! It was bigger than my large head!

We met over 150 people, all of whom appreciated a free slice of melon, some of whom wanted to know more and some even asked for prayer. Some of the team ended up praying with people from all over the world, including people of other faiths.


I also did a load of balloon modelling and also painted for some people in the park. It was such a chilled afternoon made even more relaxed by the terrific welcome we received from the park keepers (they gave us a picnic bench to use for the afternoon) and the local cafe (they have us each a free cup of tea!) I painted this picture for a Muslim man who spoke to us about Ramadan and asked us lots of questions about our faith. His wife and family were from Poland and it was so encouraging to see two often conflicting cultures intertwined and distant relatives enjoying the family trip out to the park.

After giving them this picture we prayed for them as a family…


2 thoughts on “So, what’s the plan?

  1. Hi Chris, I give thanks to the Lord for gifting you with such a creative imagination , harnessed for Him. With love in Christ, Dave Langton.

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