So much of what I do as an evangelist with The light project is making sense and bringing some explanation to people as to what God has done in their lives. Today was the most beautiful example of this…

As I walked with my small team into the city centre two lads without any shirts on (it was a hot day) were walking ahead of us. One lad had ‘1990’ tattooed between his shoulder blades. I ran up to him and asked him about it. It was the year he was born. As we walked I listened something about his life and felt I needed to be upfront about my faith and so I asked the young man what he thought about God. He spoke about a horrific time in his life when his drink in a pub was spiked. He nearly died, and his family were told that should he survive he would be brain damaged and not be able to walk, let alone talk.

So as I walked with this young man talking about what happened he spoke about a near death experience and the miracle that then happened. A friend wrote an old prayer for him and half an hour after of writing this prayer he recovered out from his coma and recovered. He then had that very prayer tattooed on his side.

I spoke about God making a way for him to know him and how he gave Jesus for us. He wanted to know more and I spoke more about the amazing works of Jesus that I had seen. This man agreed that I could take a picture of his prayer, granted it’s not a proper theological work, but a prayer non- the- less. The result I believe of this man who should have died being brought back to life.


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