And I’m not talking about my chubbiness. Although shedding a few pounds would be good. I am seeking a place to meet with God and simply be, a place where the gap between heaven and earth is thin.

I’m anticipating Bardsey Island to be such a place.

So here I am at a lovely B&B (I’m not just writing that as the owner has checked out my blog already) in Aberdaren on the Llyn Peninsula anticipating taking a boat over to Bardsey in the morning… If the weather is too blustery the boat won’t go and I shall be stuck here until it is calmer.

Bardsey is an island of pilgrimage, dating back to the 13th century when the Augustine’s had an Abbey of St Mary. The monks who lived on Bardsey where described as culdee which is derived from the Celtic word meaning servants/friends of God.

As I go to meet with God I shall also serve as the Islands chaplain for a week. I look forward to writing about what I did, and who I met as well as capturing some of the beauty of the islands wildlife.

4 thoughts on “Seeking a thin place

  1. Jesus is the one who wherever we are brings us close to the living God Chris! Not where you happen to be. Thin place is Jesus and coming in the power of the Spirit, praise God, otherwise we would all need to travel.

  2. I have been in some of those thin places where creation seems to sing in wonderful chorus. But I have also experienced thin times where the Holy Spirit has opened a window of my soul and a window of heaven. I remain open to those thin times and places, long may they continue

  3. What a great opportunity Chris. We’ve camped on the North side of the Lleyn for donkeys’ years. Beautiful place. Be sure to pat a seal for us and enjoy the experience.

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