On Monday I asked the group assembled for the launch of The Pioneer Collective in the North West Baptist association what they thought a pioneer was.

A child put up her hand up and she said ‘It’s when people go and take new ground…. In America.’ This six year old girl summed it up beautifully, well… Maybe not the America bit.

The pioneer collective believe a pioneer is someone who:

‘… Is sent beyond the fringes of church to advance the kingdom in new and creative ways.’

We have a vision for 400 by the end of 2018. 400 new pioneers who may be currently asking ‘is God calling me?’ ‘I feel like I need to go and do something new…’ Pioneers are those who may be grappling with frustration as their gifts are under utilised or dormant. They’re the kind of people that look outside the church building and wonder ‘what if…’ Our prayer is for 400 who GO where church isn’t, DO what Jesus does and SEE what happens.

For the NWBA this means identifying 30 people who they could send, train and support over the next 4 years.

After this cracking launch I spent the afternoon with my friend Cannon Dave Male who is the pioneer advisor with the Church of England and heads up the centre for pioneer learning which I am an associate of. His definition of pioneering is this:

‘A pioneer is a person called by God who has the character and gifting to respond first to the Holy Spirit’s initiatives within a particular context and to create, with others, something in response to these promptings that opens up new horizons.’

You can read more through the recently published Grove Booklet.

Do you think you are a pioneer? Do any of these definitions ring true with you? As you read then do you think…’ They’re describing me!’ If so read more at www.pioneercollective.org.uk

I look forward to seeing these 400 new pioneers over the next 5 years, and like the NWBA having more associations adopting a faith goal to see 30 or so in each of their areas go, do and see…


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