BE-THE-LIGHT-Newsletter-June-2014 Here is the link to our new newsletter from The Light Project. Enjoy!

In the newsletter you can read an edited version of this:

LP newsletter June 2014We are growing! One of the joys I have as founder of this Light Project adventure is to see how God is causing us to grow! It’s hard to believe that we started 14 years ago without a penny, but with a big vision that we could play our part to reach this world for Jesus!

With thanks to The Baptist Insurance company with a generous grant of £10,000 we are taking a further step in that vision and are in the midst of setting up The Light Project Peterborough. This will develop our chaplaincy work in the city centre as well as enable the growing team to do new things to let others know the good news of Jesus.

It has also been such a joy to see how past students have gone on to serve  The Lord, like Andy Putt and the new street light centre he pioneered in Wimborne, a fresh expression of being and doing church housing a cafe and skate park under one roof, reaching out to those who wouldn’t consider church as we know it.

In our village in Rural Cambridgeshire we have seen our dusty old disused baptist chapel slowly take shape into an emerging arts and cafe centre, this will creatively reach out to those in the surrounding villages with concerts and exhibitions. Please keep lifting us up in prayer and also keep digging deep with your financial support for what we do. It’s stating the obvious, but we really couldn’t do what we do without the regular support of our partners up and down the country.

We long to grow and reach out more and more to those in our yet to be reached land, so if you aren’t a partner in what we do, please do consider joining us by giving to us regularly as part of our 500 partnership: no matter how small or big, your regular gift helps us do more outreach and training of Churches in new places in the UK!

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One thought on “New Light Project news…

  1. It was great meeting Sue at the Retreat at Pentrenant Hall a week or so ago and hearing all about the Peterborough project. I’ll be at the Trustees’ Meeting on Thursday to hear more. Blessings this day. Bob

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