I’ve just spoken at the meeting of the North Wales English Baptist Union.

They’re a cracking bunch, small in number with only 13 Churches part of the union. They wanted to invite me as they long to do more in their communities and wanted some ideas and creativity. 2014-06-14 16.43.53The training happened at one of the Baptist Churches in Llandudno right in the midst of a fortnightly car boot sale that the church facilitates for local people. In the mix they have a listening sofa, a place for prayer and a good quality pop up cafe. A prime example of being salt and light, mixing it up with those in their community.

It felt like my teaching was being illustrated all around us so in the break I gave trays of ice creams out to those who were being trained and sent them off to give them out to the stall holders and people visiting. Others took fruit and walked around offering free fruit labeled with the fruit of the Spirit. It earthed the training as people asked the inevitable question: why are you giving ice creams away for free?


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