I am megga encouraged. Once more I am working with a church who want to reach out and demonstrate the good news to those in their community who have yet to make any sense of the Christian faith. This time I’m serving for a few days with Headington Baptist Church Oxford, who have a strap line for their two weeks of outreach… ‘DO SOMETHING!’

Just do something

The big cageAt a gathering last night I shared with them a strange scene at Paddington Station of a workman wheeling a large caged trolley loaded up with small sack barrows. It spoke to me of the uncaging the going, something the church here are keen to do… watch this space for what they get up to over the next few days!

sack barrow

One thought on “Uncaging the going…

  1. Great strap line…uncaging the going! Just wondered what people’s reaction would be if you put a cage like that at the front of a church during a service but didn’t make any mention of it? If they asked afterwards why it was there, they could be told the strap line and asked how they were ‘going to go about going’!

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