… That I am God. (Psalm 46.10)

I forget that… That a key to knowing that it is God who is God and in charge, and not me, is to be still.

I went to check out a place of quiet and silence yesterday, the Fenland Hermitage. It’s one of those places that you go to and think, ‘what took me so long to get here, why haven’t I been here before?’

It’s a place run by a couple who together are Franciscans with a desire to create a place of silence and prayer.

I’m told by one of the hosts that it’s in the silence and stillness that I encounter God. I don’t have to get my head around that statement much, as I encountered God in the few moments of being still in their beautiful chapel. Wow, I felt so loved.

My dad was with me on this adventure, he is a Franciscan and seeks to live out his life with their ‘rule of life’ of simplicity, welcome and mission. We read together this beautiful prayer:

Lord of life,
Help me live this day quietly,
To lean on your strength,
To wait for the unfolding of your will patiently,
To meet others peacefully,
To face this day confidently, courageously. Amen

(St Francis of Assisi)

We weren’t there for long, but I know I have found a place where I can abide, be still and meet afresh with the one who calls me… ‘Be still and know that I am God…’

4 thoughts on “Be still and know…

  1. What a beautiful prayer! It gave me a a moment of stillness too, thank you. I painted/wrote this week about Jesus’ longing to meet with us in quiet places too. Clearly a theme he wants to underline for me! Ellie

  2. Sure, it’s here: http://propheticpostcards.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/an-invitation/ I painted a sketch of it and shared something like this message with a British lady at the Kyrenia MBS fair on Sunday. It turned out rather beautiful as she explained to me that she had walked with Jesus as a child and then ‘lost’ him. She’d been ashamed to pursue him because she’d let the place become overgrown… But on Sunday she found him again.. So precious.

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