… But it did.

Picture the scene: A training day made up of 20 or so people with the objective of learning to share good news. And I’m the trainer.

The thing is, the 20 or so people in my team were made up of 2 four year olds, a bunch of teenagers, 2 mums who didn’t believe in Jesus anyway, a new christian in his 80’s, two 11 year old girls, a couple who in their retirement had decided to plant a church on the estate we were meeting, and the oddest of all, my team was made up of a few baptist ministers… Not exactly what you would expect for a days successful training on showing and telling good news. Yet it really worked!

I built the training around 4 principles:
1) prayer in one hand, faith sharing in the other…
2) good news needs to be understood as good news, otherwise it’s no news which is bad news…
3) I can show good news through what I do…
4) Jesus says to me, come follow me and I will send you out and teach you to fish for people…

The 4 teaching slots had 4 applications:
1) prayer walking asking God to speak to us for a ‘word’ for the people that we then put on a plant label.
2) a card making exercise to post through doors wishing people a happy Easter.
3) a plant giveaway around the community.
4) something led by The Holy Spirit…
This was creative, or a treasure hunt (looking for people who are God’s treasure) or trading a bouncy ball to get some things for someone who needs blessing (I will explain more of this in a bit!)



The trading a bouncy ball exercise was to see what a small team of young people could get for a couple who were having a baby but who had nothing… Literally they couldn’t afford to get anything for the imminent arrival!

The small team of young people got:
3 teddy bears, nappies, clothes, a cot with mattress, a baby bath and a freshly cooked dominos pizza! (Not bad for 6 small bouncy balls!)

The things that we think shouldn’t work are often the things that really do…

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