We went to the midday communion service as part of our time to pray and plan together… Glyn who heads up The Light Project in Chester and me amongst twenty others who sat alone, spotted around the vast old, cold church, entire pews and rows to themselves. They were the lonely, the broken, those without homes or those who felt homeless, without community or family…

Despite the disparate nature of the gathered, the service was full of hope, mixed with powerful words from the vicar.

At one point in her talk she asked us to look around to see who our family were. I felt humbled that mine were the bruised, broken and battered. I also felt God speak about how The Light project needs to be more family like and less business like.

We sat on those hard wooden pews hearing those words of Jesus from the cross to his mum about one of the disciples called John: ‘look here is your son’ and to John, ‘behold your mum.’

Then we shared communion, the smell of urine from some of the communicants was overwhelming as we stood together around the communion table. One guy was refused the alcoholic wine and was offered the juice instead. He got angry and shouted at the server… While the abstention of communion wine seemed harsh to me, I mean how much more drunk could a trouser soaked man who is homeless get on a sip if wine, I learnt he is known well in that place and will join in next time.

I felt God remind me that I was like those around me. NO DIFFERENT. In desperate need of grace, the underserved pouring out of his love upon me. This communion time was like no other – it booted my sense of self righteousness firmly up the backside and declared, while you also stink, you are welcome and loved and are forgiven. Thank you Jesus.

I don’t deserve this. Yet you have freely given your life for mine. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “The stink of urine while sharing communion

  1. Thanks Chris for sharing this. It was good to think how I would have felt/responded if I’d been there.

  2. Thanks for sharing! all of us are no better than anyone else, we are sinners very much in need of our Lord Jesus. I can do nothing without Him holding my hand. God bless you.

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