A little reminder of ‘stand on hope.’

be the light

‘I really needed that…. thank you so much…’ she was tearful as she left with a picture I had painted in her hand and lots of pictures on her camera phone with her husband and baby. They gathered round the circle of skate boards looking at each one considering which one they needed to stand on. Each one had a statement of hope with it.

The invitation was simply to choose one and stand on it for a few seconds. For this family it meant so much to them. More than I understand really. I mean, they were just painted boards with some encouragements with them. One of the team offered to pray for them and they stood there receiving a simple blessing to which they said ‘amen.’

My son helped me with the saints on the street, he invited people to choose a board to stand on

The boards were one of three activities, the picture the lady left with was from ‘art from the heart…’ simple watercolor paintings…

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