This is a simple symbolic idea I used this afternoon on the streets: ask people if they need a hand. Why? To remind them that God knows their name and it is engraved upon the palms of his hands…. Yes I know God doesn’t have literal hands and it’s all symbolic, but that’s ok.

So, did it work. Well for those who asked for a hand or chatted with me about it, yes, It really connected with them, like Paul, Ahmed, Hannah, Jean, Gavin, Conor, Jess, Margaret, Chris, Gerry, Alexandra and William. All of whom had their names written on the little hand. Many more hands were taken by those who saw the bowl and helped themselves. Here’s some pictures from the simple idea:





I also used the circle prayer again- but left it for people to look at and consider. Another easy to use idea for engaging with people out and about in their community:


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