I’m sitting here in Glasgow waiting for my plane having spent the day with the delightful Baptist Union of Scotland team. It was a day where I could share my heart with them through poetry, story telling and the arts.

The goal was to encourage the team to be more-so missional, and in so doing be able to have a story to share with those they were called to lead.

I had planned some interactive outreach in the morning, but rain stopped play. So instead I challenged the team to write some poetry. I must admit it was a slight panicked ‘what do I do with these guys?!’ moment. But, Wow, did they deliver! It was really insightful stuff. A real highlight for me to see people’s creativity. It really surprised me, especially as at the start when I challenged them to do something they looked slightly panicked!

In the afternoon we looked at some teaching on ‘stopping for the one.’ Then in small groups we painted different scenes based on from Luke 15, and Jesus’ teaching on the lost coin, the lost sheep and then the lost child . The weather cleared up and afforded some time getting out there and meeting people by trying to do out ‘stop for the one.’

Here are some pictures of their creativity:





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