‘I really needed that…. thank you so much…’ she was tearful as she left with a picture I had painted in her hand and lots of pictures on her camera phone with her husband and baby. They gathered round the circle of skate boards looking at each one considering which one they needed to stand on. Each one had a statement of hope with it.

The invitation was simply to choose one and stand on it for a few seconds. For this family it meant so much to them. More than I understand really. I mean, they were just painted boards with some encouragements with them. One of the team offered to pray for them and they stood there receiving a simple blessing to which they said ‘amen.’

My son helped me with the saints on the street, he invited people to choose a board to stand on

The boards were one of three activities, the picture the lady left with was from ‘art from the heart…’ simple watercolor paintings to strengthen, encourage and comfort people which I enjoyed painting for a couple of hours in the beautiful sunshine talking to people as I painted.

One guy was so chuffed by the simple sunshine picture I painted for him. He said that he had recently been asked by a charity to paint a fence with a simple picture… he had been wondering what to do and now had some ideas. He believed that the picture was for him too, with words that he needed in his life.

Painting something that would. speak to people and remind them that they are known and loved.
Painting something that would. speak to people and remind them that they are known and loved.

We also had a small team doing the circle prayer. The circle prayer asks people what they want to keep out (or afar) and what they would like in (or near). People choose from a bowl full of words, that include good things as well as bad things. Two lads caught our canvas as it blew in the wind and then asked what we were doing. They both said a prayer and both chose to keep ‘violence’ out, in fact as far as they could stick it on the board. It turned out that they were both military police and had seen way too much violence and war.

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What really got me about this Sunday mornings activities in particular were the random ‘by chance’ meetings and the things that spoke to people powerfully. For example, one young man had a long conversation with one of the team. He had been brought up a Muslim and had been thinking about ‘religion’ recently after being put off for years by any idea of having faith by the wars fought in the name of Islam and Christianity. He jumped on one of the signs that blew away in the wind. ‘Oh look…’he said, I’ve stepped on the one that says Jesus is the way, truth and life…’ He was struck at such a profound ‘coincidence.’ It made him stop and think. It was a great morning of divine appointments and gently sharing good news with people…

…now, which board do you need to stand on today?

6 thoughts on “Stand on hope…

  1. Hello. I just want to say how very brave you all are to go out on the street to talk about Jesus etc. In this unsafe world. All I can say is our Lord must be with you. I would love to do the same, but unfortunately I’m on my own. God bless you & keep up the good work.

  2. What a fantastic idea. I like the way you enabled people to have a quick (or slow) moment with God in the middle of their days. and I LOVE the skateboards… Brilliant.

  3. This has a slightly different meaning for me. I am seriously considering moving to Hope, the one between Mold and Wrexham that is. I cannot move until I have sold my house and after 15 months the estate agent is still asking me to reduce the price. Yet it is already on offer for nearly 20% less than it was bought for in 2007.These stories of prices rising in other parts of the country seem to relate to a different world. My future is in God’s hands He alone knows if one day I will not just be standing on hope but standing and even living in Hope.

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