I’m often asked what it is that churches can do to share the good news of Jesus with people in their community. The answer I give often surprises them: ‘just do something!’ Really, anything?!

I believe that God wants to use our gifts, creativity and personalities to let others in on what we have as Christians.

Today I worked with a group from Purley Baptist Church. Most of the 30 or so who had gathered for the training were nervous and unsure about ‘going out’ to meet people to share good news.

It was simply the best to see people’s confidence grow, as in the morning they met people when they nervously went out to meet people. They did something called treasure hunting which is to ask God for clues as to the people they will meet and then go and see if they can find them- many saw from doing that exercise that God REALLY does speak and use us to meet people.

The willingness the team had to do something new in the afternoon that was creative and gentle really encourage me… One story in particular blew me away (read below…)








One of the ideas was to write on a mirror the things we felt God wanted to say to people as we sat outside a cafe with a cuppa enjoying the sunshine! A lady who passed looked at the mirror, asked about it and engaged in conversation… She was very emotional seeing the words written like ‘important’ ‘loved’ and ‘precious.’ The ladies who spoke with her carried her bags home, were invited into her home and prayed with her too.

So simple… Being available means God is able to use us! And he really does.

2 thoughts on “Just do something!

  1. Hi Chris
    It was really great meeting you on Sunday and having a quick chat after the evening service at PBC.

    I will do my best to listen and obey, knowing that my best is done through Christ. It is really a win-win situation if I think about it. Jesus is the best teacher we could ever ask for. He encourages us and smiles at our mistakes and hesitations. He pushes our boundaries and empowers us day by day. It never ceases to amaze me how God speaks to us day in and day out.

    Once, talking to a friend who was going through a difficult situation, all I could think about was a classroom full of people. Someone was asking questions and many people were jumping to answer them. In the middle of all of that was Jesus with his hand up saying quietly, “pick me, pick me, I have the answer”. I told my friend that – Jesus was waiting for her to pick him so he could answer her questions.

    Most often than not, we pick everybody else but Jesus to answer our questions and, because of his gentleness and politeness, we often ignore his hand up and listen to others who are rudely jumping the gun and shouting nonsense.

    I am really encouraged to face my fears with a racing heart knowing that Jesus is right beside me guiding me in the right direction as a move to serve him. All I need to do is to move, to do something!

    May you keep hearing God’s voice more clearly everyday.

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