roast dinner

One of the highlights for me this week  was joining a bunch of people down a local pub where a friend of mine, Stephen Pettican had invited a mix of people who are homeless and those who would usually have Sunday lunch alone. Here’s the link on facebook about it.  ‘Whoever you are, whatever your yesterday, you are welcome, at the Feast.’ The idea of gathering for lunch in a public place was fueled by recent research that found that nearly half of all adults in England say they experience feelings of loneliness.

So, the idea was simple: meet for lunch, but bring someone along and pay for their lunch. That’s it. No other agenda or God-slot type preach. Just a meal and conversations and sharing life.

I had lunch with one guy who asked if he could give thanks before eating… He thanked God for an unexpected lunch that would fill him up. He was blown away as he looked at the over-generous sized portion of his roast beef dinner.

It was such a simple yet profound thing to take part in… grace filled and felt like family. “I can’t remember the last time I sat down to have a hot meal…” one lady told me.

Pub and meal

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