celebrations 3

For 10 minutes on Sunday morning something really strange happened… it’s kind of hard to explain. Let me put the strangeness in context: I was part of our monthly Sunday morning ‘Saints on the Street.’ I had a good team and we were doing a range of activities to share something of the story of Jesus with people. We had been handing out cups of chocolates, talking about how ‘our cup overflows’ inspired from that old poem and song, Psalm 23. I had also been doing some juggling and trying to teach others to juggle too, we also had some circus type things with us… it was fun.


But those ten minutes. They felt quite ‘heavenly.’ Bizzarly other-worldly. What was it that was extra-ordinary? Well, I simply took a break from juggling and started playing some parachute games with people…

clowning and parachute games… and more people joined in. A bunch of complete strangers playing and having fun together, young and old, different nationalities… laughing, cheering, 10 minutes of abandonment. I took a step back and pondered… people were encountering something good. And the news, well it was simple. ‘We’re from the church sharing the love of God with people…’ Some wanted to talk more, others thanked us, and went on their way. more fun and games

I cant wait till next time!

If you would like to join in our church on the street in Peterborough we meet 11-1.30 on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Briefing/prayer at Park Road Baptist Church at 11am to the Cathedral Square for a couple of hours!

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