Last year I reckon I had over a dozen or so times of prayer, when after five minutes of starting I’ve said: “God, why don’t I do this more often?!’

What caused me to ask was always the sense of relief, the renewed perspective I felt when things just seemed a bit stressful and overwhelming.

My desire for 2014 is that I actually pray in the way that I always plan to and write down in my plan: an hour a day, a morning a week, a day a month and a week a year.

I’m great on the day a month… It’s in the diary for the whole year. I’m fairly disciplined about the morning a week (it always starts with a good coffee and a read of the paper…) but the hour a day is so hit and miss, there’s no way I can honestly say this happens… Most days it just doesn’t. And I’m worse off without it. The hour a day sets me up in the most extraordinary way. It’s a time to get ‘in tune’ and look beyond myself and pray for people on my heart.

So, a bit of a revelation- this year I’ve worked out that the hour a day not only needs the ‘hour’ but the space where that hour will be spent. I know it sounds so simple- but having a space (the same seat, corner of the room, setae… Or wherever) really helps with routine. Having a place to go to launches me into prayer.


3 thoughts on “Like me, did you start the new year with a desire to pray more?

  1. Hi Chris,what a joy it is to read your blogs.
    I organise a prayer group at my church and have,at the start of this year,had a notion that we should be more focused on asking the Lord for specific prayer topics each week! I have purchased a largeA3 pad plus pens so that those who feel unable to speak out loud in the group can write/draw.So we will have a wee illustrated prayer diary going on.
    We already find that things prayed for in the morning group match the theme of the service.

  2. I bought a special chair from a Christian carpenter / furniture-maker (Cecil Tait of Paparwark) in ’05 and I use that – a prayer-chair. I hear good things from Gaz + Neen. See you on 23rd. I’m engaged now, as of Christmas morning. Blessings friend and pray-er Chris. Bob A.

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