Last week a small bunch of us launched ‘the pioneer collective.’ A vision to see 400 new baptist pioneers over the next 5 years. Pioneers go to where church isn’t, do what Jesus did and see what happens.

This morning I’m catching up with the webinars that I missed last month on Pioneering hosted by ‘the church of the Brethren…’

The first one by Juliet Kilpin gives a megga helpful outline of what a pioneer is like… I have outlined below some of the characteristics Juliet outlines:
-Pioneers embrace the unknown. They use creativity and unlock their ‘3 year old’ questioning characteristic and ask ‘why’ all the time about existing models and ways of going church.
-They are pathfinders, hurdle jumpers. -They have courage and take risks and take opportunity.
-Pioneers are strong on team work, gathering people to join then and they don’t take themselves too seriously!
-They also exhibit a high level of perception of living beyond their own context and ‘bubble’.
-They are also people who show solidarity with people and are tolerant and embrace ‘messiness.’
See the webinar here, as well as two other amazing webinars! 

Pioneer webinars

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