“Christian evangelism, while invitational, is a subversive practice. The church that is called to reach and engage the world should not be surprised to find itself also living in contradiction to that world…”

Bryan Stone, Boston University of Theology

So, another Sunday morning doing what I like best about my job: being on the streets of the city humbly seeking to let others in on the most outrageously good news this world has been graced with. On the train into the city I thought about how subversive evangelism needs to be…

Challenging the trends and beliefs of those around us. Christmas is a time when money and ‘things’ are king, and the simple beginnings of the first Christmas is lost. So, I wanted to remind people of Jesus’ birthday and to ask people to sign my card to him.



‘Would you like to wish Jesus a happy birthday and sign his birthday card?’ We asked people around us…

Some did. Some laughed. Most looked perplexed. But it created a reaction… We left a plinth with a card and pen without asking people to sign… It was amazing how many pondered and then decided not to.



Yet those that did, what an honour to talk and share of the birth of Jesus, given for them.

Afterwards I took a team carol singing… And offered chocolates. Again, this seemed to challenge the perceived understanding of what church should do as people reached into their pockets for loose change to only be given a free gift!



2 thoughts on “Non confrontational and yet a subversive kind of evangelism…

  1. We do the carol singing, offering chocolates (& details of church services in a nice leaflet), as a Churches Together in Boscombe every year……always get good conversation with someone….

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