This afternoon I was part of a gathering where later on I shall contribute to the launch of the Pioneer collective and share something of the vision of 400 new pioneers over the next 5 years.

Before then I enjoyed some training on ‘The challenge of the frontline’ with Neil Hudson.

Here are some nuggets and quotes from his teaching:

“We are called to double listening: listening to the Word; listening to the world.” John Stott

“The UK will never to reached until we create authentic, learning and praying communities that are focused on making whole-life disciples who can live and share the Gospel wherever they relate to people in their daily lives.” Mark Green


The scattered church is the primary focus of mission… Each one called to The Frontline.


Scattered rather than a focused group…


Neil spoke about- Gathered and scattered: the relationship between the 10 and the 110. Most hours that people can give to church gathered activities is 10. Compared to 110 of life, work, family, gym etc etc… So the question is, how can we equip people in our 10 hours together for the 110.

If Sunday mornings are still our gathering time, what is spoken about and presented in that time? Is it about the hundreds of hours on the frontline? Or the few hours gathered as church?

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