I’ve just thought… I didn’t write up about my time with Tim and Becca Judson and the music they brought to us in our arts centre as well as in the centre of Peterborough.

Maybe I had forgotten to write it up as Tim’s gifts as a performer, songwriter and musician is rather sickening! He is just so darn’ gifted!

It was perhaps the easiest weekend of evangelism I have ever had. Seriously. Just so non pressured ease… It was using the gifts and talents of someone and letting them do what they do most naturally, and have some fun on the way.

On the Saturday evening we held a concert with Tim in the old chapel that sits in the back of where we live. We have just started using it for the arts and breathed some new life into the building by giving it the title of ‘light project arts and cafe centre.’ The vision is to have a place of peace, creativity and presence. A place where people may encounter the living God through what we do.

Tim not only entertained and wowed people, albeit a small number, but also brought something of heaven… His music told stories and shared the love of the father who loves people. It was a shame more people didn’t come, but with 3 families that hadn’t been to a concert at our place before I was still encouraged. I also got to share some stories and to remind our guests in the God who knows us and loves us.

On the Sunday morning we went to people and Tim played and sang in cafés and then a Weatherspoon’s pub, which was packed out. I had some small conversations with people about what we were doing and we also gave cards with a blessing and some lollies too! Easy peasy!


Filling Starbucks and Neros with good music, was just so easy. The managers loved it (free drinks in Starbucks for us too) and it was a simple gesture of blessing. People seemed to ‘get it.’

Going to the ‘vast majority’ of people who wouldn’t consider going to a church service on a Sunday morning made me think… Why don’t more of our worship bands do this? Benefit hundreds of people in places you wouldn’t expect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting all christian music is magic, but Tim brought something of his heart and experience of being a follower of Jesus and to me that magically filled places where people desperately crave hope.


In the pub I spoke with some people about the gift… All the responses where positive to say the least. A free gift of music to those in the pub. One lady visiting the city moved from the back to get closer to Tim and to appreciate his music. Easy peasy!




Oh, and how many did I have on my team? 4! Including me! So, Tim, the amazing Mrs Judson and my 12 year old son. (Incidentally he loved it and was the most amazing help in giving away lollies and cards… He did keep a few lollies as payment!)

So, no need for a huge team… Just go with what you have and let it flow! Easy peasy.
By the way, Tim and Becca are amazing, serving guests. If you’ve got an event or want to go and do something among those who don’t come to your church services, then book Tim up!

One thought on “Easy-peasy evangelism

  1. This is brilliant – so encouraging 🙂 ……………….., and inspiring at a time when we’re gathering a small team to have a go at a few things!

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