So, I’m sitting in the pub as I do on most Friday mornings. On this occasion I’m looking to share the story of Jesus through the Jesus Deck.

It’s not fortune telling or predicting anyone’s future, rather a simple way of relating the life of Jesus to our own. Picking a few cards and talking about our experiences through what the cards retell about the life of Jesus.


Today I only spent time with one person… He chose two cards, one about the soldiers making fun of Jesus and the other card ‘randomly’ about the word becoming flesh. ‘Thats funny’ he said… As I walked into the pub I was listening to a song on my phone…. ‘What if God was one of us…’ Both cards where deeply profound for him this confident young man told story after story of heart ache… ‘It feels like I’ve got the weight of the world on my shoulders.’

We spoke about God becoming a man and rescuing us. ‘Jesus could be speaking through you…’ He said!

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