There’s an advent scene in the main shopping centre in Peterborough that’s like marmite… You either love it or hate it. Some love the rustic simple scene.

I must admit that the mummified drab ghostly figures of the nativity, in stark contrast to the neighbouring sparkle, bling and life of the Santa’s grotto, makes me feel that the scene reinforces an old dead stereo type of the birth of Jesus… Bygone with no relevance or life.

It just needs something extra to bring some explanation as to what it is all about… Something fitting that may transform the scene into something that speaks for today.

I was so pleased to see that someone had graffitied (in a non vandalised fashion) the dead scene with a simple word… Can you spot it? It’s the one difference in the pictures below?




One thought on “I spotted a bit of cheeky graffiti on a nativity scene. I wonder who did it?!

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