I’ve been thinking about The Light Project modules I shall be teaching early next year on our FDA in Theology and evangelism. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I communicate truth and good news through the arts and then it dawned on me… I also need to teach on how the arts teach ‘us’ truth and show good news.

In what ways do the ‘every day arts’ teach you something of what God is like? Maybe a poem, a film, a busker who have communicated to you something of the Christian faith, but in a non-directive ‘I am teaching you the bible’ type way…. but you caught a glimpse of something. 

For me…. well, I feel taught by Ben who has the most phenomenal gift and busks in Peterborough and whose soulful cries are like a Psalm for passer byes to catch hold of and enjoy or not on the streets.

His voice reminds me of the Psalms being Cried out and every time I talk with him and hear his music I leave feeling like I’ve met with one of God’s Psalmists. Have a listen and see what you think!


What media or  something in the arts (music, dance, poetry, theater, fashion, sculpting, story telling etc etc…) could you use to show and tell the good news of Jesus? In this short video I present some ways in which words come second and the arts (music, fruit stall etc) come first.



2 thoughts on “Creative arts and media in evangelism

  1. Hi Chris, I’ve just watched a clip that was pasted on FB of Vladimir Volegov painting http://www.volegov.com wow that blew me away and spoke to me of God’s creativity and love. The painting was built up from strokes that looked messy and random but the picture came into view then just when I though it was a good painting and possibly finished it was as if new depth was painted on top. It spoke to me of God and my life, how He starts with large brush strokes to draw me to himself but as he creates me goes down to the details.

    Not sure if this is what you had in mind but I thought I’d share it – Ali

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