Halloween tomorrow… Here’s some thoughts from J.John from the Baptist Times that I blogged about a wee while back…

be the light

J. John writes: 

As October comes to its end, children all across the country focus their attention on dressing up as ghosts, witches, skeletons and zombies. 
This year, spending on Hallowe’en merchandise in the UK is likely to top £200 million while in the US it is measured in billions of dollars. 

However, it is not universally welcomed. Many Christians, along with many followers of Islam and other faiths, dislike its focus on the dark side of the spiritual world. So I suggest that it is about time we took a hard look at Hallowe’en. 

First, some background. In pre-Christian Europe there was probably a widely celebrated pagan festival around the end of October. Perhaps in an attempt to provide a more wholesome focus at this time of year the church designated November 1 as a festival day to celebrate the believers already in heaven, the ‘saints’. 

The result was…

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