… And I’m not venting any frustration by reverting to school playground teasing. I really did spend the day with an amazing bunch of people in the South East who literally had hundreds of pansies to give away to the people who live around the Church building in Folkestone. Tomorrow they will give them away with an offer of prayer and a reminder of the love of God for the people in their community.


I had the honor of leading and teaching this small team today. They were part of the annual South East baptist Association MAD (make a difference) outreach.

In the morning after some team time we ventured into the town to look for one person each to give a gift to- I met a man who needed a hat! A simple gesture, but one that went down a treat…

In the afternoon I sent the teams out to do ‘treasure hunting’ and to search for people whom we felt God was leading us to. My team combined the flower giveaways with the treasure hunt and we met people who were happy to meet us as well as receive a free gift. The experience of venturing out with some ‘clues’ that we believed God had given us terrified most of the team, yet I taught today that…

Obedience to what we believe we hear from God and a willingness to practice and have a go are key ingredients to discipleship.


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