I love bringing something of God’s heart and what he thinks about the people around me. It’s humbling when people understand something about how much they are loved and known by the God who makes all things, knows all and is love.

Today I spent the morning, like most Friday mornings, painting down the pub and looking to engage with people around me with a simple message captured in a painting.

Two sisters explained that they didn’t get any rest, ‘not with our family.’ They confided. I explained that’s why the picture ‘rest’ was for them. A simple prayer that they would know rest and peace from God.

“What a good way to start the weekend!” Exclaimed a young man who was happy to receive a picture of mountains… The height and depth of the love of God. He got it.

Another guy was happy to know that ‘God went before him’ and wanted to guide him. He was from Portugal seeking his fortune abroad in hard work and was encouraged. Simple conversation, but one that was deep.



7 thoughts on “God speaks through scrappy paintings

  1. God’s given you an awesome gift there, Chris, I love hearing how God uses the paintings, it’s so exciting and encourages me to pray for those you meet. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I think this is a really beautiful way to reach out to people, because it is very vulnerable…I think I would quite simply weep if a stranger gave me a painting that had a message specifically for me…I think that would deeply impact me – really deeply, please keep up your scrappy paintings Chris, it smacks of the kind of exquisite ways that God makes His way through the cracks of our hardened hearts…a breath taking sunrise,,,a ninja spider’s cobweb dripping with dew – and a painting with a message from a stranger – how hope rises to imagine that God might have a message just for me!!!

  3. I think this is brilliant. And sometimes the things God wants to speak to people won’t fit into the boundaries of words, but can go straight to their hearts through a picture. Hope you’re still doing this. Ellie

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