Big hearted new edition coming!So, a new edition of my Big Hearted will soon be reprinted. I’m keen to add a new section on how churches and small groups have been able to be Big Hearted and show the good news of Jesus in new and exciting ways.

Lynn Green, our Baptist Union of Great Britain’s General Secretary in this way:

“I love this book. It’s the real deal! Brilliant, funny, messy, risky and inspiring! The stories are incredibly moving, honest and empowering. by the end you will really believe that you can do this stuff.”

I’m hoping the new edition will encourage more and more churches to be creative, to ‘get out there’ in confidence and connect with people around them. Have you any stories to share that could feature in the new edition? Please comment below on your stories of ways you have been big Hearted, perhaps inspired through last years tour, or through the book.

If I use your story in the new edition I will send you a signed copy as a gift!


2 thoughts on “Stories of BIG HEARTED…

  1. Hi Chris
    At the start of the year the Light Project came to a Stockport House Of Prayer Gathering,this led to an open air in Edgeley,an area we call the heartbeat of Stockport,went to a meeting at Poynton Baptist where you prophesied ‘apostolic joy’ over my wife Christine and myself,since then many new small groups on prayer have emerged locally and last month (October) we had our first Stockport Day Of Prayer with amazing ongoing responses,we now also have a Revivalists Round Table and a Gatekeepers Gathering,and open airs continue every week,with healings,salvations and particularly prodigals returning.Lasting fruit.
    John and Christine Noble

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