I spoke on Sunday morning on being known and loved. It was New Street Baptist Church’s ‘come back to church’ Sunday in St. Neots and some people had invited friends along.

In the morning I wrote a poem on being known and loved, here it is: 

known and loved

Am I known?

Is there anyone out there, up there, right here who sees the in and the out, the good, the bad heart ache, the ugly side that I hide.

Am I known?

Oh, to be known, searched through and held in heavenly Father-like hands. To be at peace, striving cease, fear gone, insecurities buried deep. I want to be known.

Am I loved?

Unconditionally, purely, set free by the love of the one who says ‘I am love.’ Oh, to be loved deep down where I niggle and long for acceptance. Am I loved? Loved by the one who laid down his life, all for me, undeserved gift, freely given, for me.

Yes, I am known, and not thrown, away. Yes, I am loved, I am even liked by the living God who has made the way for me to start again, forgiven, stains removed, shame wiped clean. Let me know, that I am known and loved.

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