I’ve been thinking a lot about Heidi Baker’s phrase ‘stopping for the one’ and trying to look out for those around me who I can stop and engage with… this past week has been like no other, a week of meeting people and bringing kind words and good news, like the amazing big issue guy I met in Covent Garden this week who shared something of his life with me and I shared a word from God’s heart for him. This man is remarkable… If I hadn’t stopped to talk with him then I would have missed out! I hope he received something good from Jesus on our encounter.

Heidi is notoriously late for most things as she will always take time and seek to show God’s love to the ‘ones’ that she meets on her journey. She asks: ‘how does love look like in this situation?’

Last night I read a bed time story for my children, an adaptation of the story in Luke 10 of the Good Samaritan. A beautiful example of one who stopped for the one.

Too many of us who are Christians can’t see the wood through the trees, or see the people through the crowds and while we would be up for showing good news we just can’t see the people under our noses!

On Monday I was in a cafe enjoying a late lunch with my friend Ben Taylor who plants churches in homes. As we were eating I had a pain in my upper back and neck and felt someone in the cafe needed healing. I asked the waitress about it and she said that her aunty had been crying with a painful upper back and had been taking pain killers. She agreed that I could pray for healing for her and lay hands on her back. She was moved by the prayer and thankful too… I simply had stopped for the one.

How can you stop for one person today amongst the crowds and show and tell of God’s love for them?


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