‘Saints on the Street’ is a monthly Sunday morning ‘be church’ kind of thing in public on the streets or pubs and cafes with as many Christians who are able to join me.

Well this morning I was on my tod, a billy no- mates and to top it all it was cold and windy and wet and slightly lonely. Boo hoo.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself and beating a hasty retreat to the safe confines of Sunday morning worship with familiar friendly faces and bad coffee, I decided to venture into Neros and enjoy a superb coffee amongst strangers and to paint.

I painted 4 abstract pictures inspired by the Psalms and ‘somehow’ met 4 people who they were for. These were 4 people who spoke to me first and asked what I was doing or about the words they could see. (It was a busy Sunday morning in the cafe.)

The one painting and encounter that really ‘got me’ and I am deeply humbled about is the painting ‘accept’ from Psalm 6. It’s a hard verse full of pain and suffering and the part that I was drawn to was the word about the bones being in agony. (See below.)

After painting it I packed up and was ready to go when I lady stopped me to talk to me… It turns out that she took painkillers for her bones as she was in such pain. We spoke for a while and I left her with the picture knowing that she was known and loved by God. Humbled.






5 thoughts on “Billy no-mates in the wet and cold…

  1. It’s not just the people you meet in person that your paintings speak to – the first one spoke to me. Thank you for sharing these and all your work. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  2. Hi Chris, I LOVE this idea, thanks for the inspiration, we have loads of arty people in our church who would love the opportunity to do something like this to bless people in Burton.  We did the Fruit of the Spirit thing on our last Saturday outing and we had people queuing to make their fruit kebabs and fill in our tally chalk board for which fruit they need most in the their lives and we had a lady and her children come to church the following Sunday!  Keep these ideas coming, you may think you are on your own but so many people are catching this fire and your bravery and creativity inspire many, including myself.  Keep at it, never give up and may God bless you loads!!!!! Clare Cormack Riverside Church, Burton on Trent.


  3. Amazing Chris! I love the natural Godly encounters that come your way. Praying for this in my own ministry / life.

    Have been trying to do the ‘How are you’ thing with people I meet this week!

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