I’ve spent much of my working week this week in pubs and on the street…

Not getting tanked up and then rolling out onto the streets drunk you will be pleased to read but rather seeking to be and bring good news to people who have yet to hear it. So, after a total of 7 diffe20130913-175657.jpgrent pubs and four different towns and cities, what has jumped out to me from this week?

First off, sharing good news is easier than most of us think. One day this week I spent a few hours with a pastor, and for 2 and a half hours non stop we went around the small town centre and we met people who wanted to hear what we had to say, some even asked us to pray with them. My pastor friend and I were amazed by the response of simply going out and we spoke about how often we believe the lie that people don’t want to hear ‘the good news.’

Secondly, a bit of creativity goes a long way. I have an amazing team who work with me in Peterborough who are willing to have a go and take risks at being creative. Today I painted some paintings in the pub and we also had an idea to offer blessing on Friday 13th!

Thirdly, I’ve remembered again this week that God seems to also be in pubs. Last night in London a friend and I ended up inviting a man to sit with us (rather on his own) while we had our dinner. We got him a pint and ended up praying for healing for him as he has cancer and had just been at the hospital having chemotherapy. He was amazed to meet two Christians willing to pray for him.

Lastly, I’ve learnt this week that you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover… I have met people this week who have looked the kind of guys who would rather nut me and tell where to go than be interested in the story of Jesus! I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve been surprised to hear people’s stories and to humbly answer their questions when part of me thought ‘they wouldn’t want to know…’

I want to challenge you to go and share good news with people, offer to pray with those around you and take time to listen to people’s stories and be ready to share yours!



2 thoughts on “Good news in unexpected places…

  1. I was praying about finances and kept hearing Avon…shook my head not believing the Lord would know a thing about Avon…but am coming to the place where I would rather get hearing Him wrong, than risk missing the adventure! So, after hearing Avon a few times, I procured a round in a neighbouring village.
    Cutting a long story short, I use my rounds for prayer walking and recently I found myself delivering an order to a customer who had a rather large scary Alsatian and who was unable to come to the door due to pain in her back – her husband led me and the dog through to her – I was praying help prayers regarding the dog, well aware that he could easily kill me!
    I sat with her, Bruce and her husband and we chatted…I dont know what came over me, but when I noticed a cut on the dog Bruce’s nose, I asked if they would mind me praying for him. They were fine, so, rather rashly I laid my hands on him, and he laid down and fell asleep!
    As we continued chatting it arose in conversation that her back was in really bad shape and that the only thing the doctor could do for her was send her to the pain clinic.
    I came clean and said I saw far more healing when praying for dogs than for humans, but if she was up for it, I would pray for her too…she agreed and I laid my hands on her back, asked the Lord to surround her and bless her and told her back to be healed.
    When I finished the husband and wife were astonished…first that Bruce had gone to sleep and second that he had allowed me to lay hands on the lady…he wouldnt even let the husband sit beside her!
    They seemed so excited, I offered to pray again whenever they wanted…they urged me to come back next time I brought the brochures out.
    I saw them a couple of days ago, the wife opened the door, I barely recognised her! she was up and walking and her back was much improved, I did sit with her and pray some more – unfortunately Bruce still has a sore nose, but he fell asleep again when I laid hands on him!

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