Treasure Hunting bookI’m often asked about Treasure Hunting and also asked to train people to do it, which I love to do as it really works! (See my previous blog here)

Perhaps the questions arise because it is one of the most unusual ways around of sharing the Christian message with it’s ‘hear from God and go’ technique. Also people do ask me about it skeptically as on the face of it, the idea can seem formaliac, somewhat gimmicky and ‘yet another method in evangelism that will be a fad for a while, but then forgotten.’ Also, and rather understandably, people’s questions are prompted by the  prophetic edge of it and for many people it can seem something ‘beyond belief.’

Last week I was asked to teach our Church at Biggleswade on Treasure Hunting and you can hear theBBChurch whole service here and my teaching around 22 mins into the recording.

What really got me in the preparing for the talk wasn’t the technique but rather Treasure Hunting needs to be something of the heart. To teach about doing treasure hunting doesn’t seem to make sense without first off teaching about the heart that means treasure hunting could be possible.

Inspired by the first Treasure Hunter Ananias, I have been blown away by his heart and faith to go to Saul who was originally on his way to Damascus to ‘get’ the Christians and arrest them… before he met with Jesus on the way.

Treasure Hunting

Here is a summary of my teaching:

To have a heart to Treasure Hunt:

1) We need to believe God speaks. Ananias had a heart for Treasure hunting because ‘in a vision’ (Avts 9.10) the Lord spoke to him. Too many Christians don’t think God will speak to them. Ananias had a vision, which seemed to be kind-a normal. How does God speak to you? I love practicing whether I have heard from God, following prompts and working out how to hear from him more and more. This includes seeing pictures. It also must include immersing oneself in scripture, God’s word. God speaks through it and illuminates scripture to us through His Spirit.

2) We need to be able to say ‘yes’ to God. Ananias could have heard from the Lord and said ‘no, not me… choose someone else!’ Yet his first word replying to God was ‘yes.’ The Lord Jesus was so confident in Ananias’ ‘yes’ that he had already told Saul that he was coming! I believe that we need more adventure. How can we be Christians who follow Jesus but be bored?

3) We need to be like a child. Despite the evidence, Ananias went to Saul who was a murderer and had plans to kill Christians. Yet Ananias went.

4) We need to ‘step up’ in our faith! The first thing Saul was greeted with was: ‘Brother Saul… the Lord Jesus has sent me so… that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit.’ Wow! What faith. Jesus had spoken to him as to what he was going to do and Ananias just went and told Saul what he had heard! Talk about guts!

5) We need to have our feet on the ground. One minute Ananias is performing miracles, the next he is making brunch. Sometimes Treasure Hunting is the most practical thing to do. Led to people so that we can help, or offer a listening ear, or just be there for people.

If you have the time, do listen to the recording of the teaching which you can listen to here.

My prayer is that you will have a heart to go and seek treasure. I have been inspired by a song by Tim Hughes to have a heart for Treasure Hunting:


2 thoughts on “Having a heart to seek treasure

  1. Hi Chris,

    I was listening to this and went off to your blog to try and find the “how to” on treasure hunting that you reference in your teaching – but I’m stumped. Can you send me a link please?


    Neil. (

    1. Thanks… I’ve now installed a search tool on the right hand side. Search for ‘Treasure Hunting’ and it will come up with the articles, including a ‘how to’ one from a couple of years ago. Let me know if it works ok!

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