We opened up the old disused chapel in our back garden for an arts cafe for 4 days. Simple really… Serve good tea, coffee and homemade cakes and give space for people to be creative. Over the four days we were open for around 18 hours. Over that time we had 70 different people enjoy the space, many of whom were children.


So what happened. Well, there simply wasn’t any agenda. Seriously. I know that for an evangelist to say this may seem slightly strange, but I simply wanted to open the cafe and allow people the space to be creative and enjoy some peace. Being held in the old chapel was a good thing, a curious thing, a place of worship opened for a place just to be.

Most people who attended wouldn’t have considered attending a church service or a christian event, but experienced something good, and hopefully Christians who served them who were ok! It was a serving time, a time to just open up the beautiful building and be. Will we do it again? Most definitely! We shall share out live and creativity with people around us and in so doing create a place were all kinds of people will belong.




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