I’ve got a friend who sells the big issue in Peterborough who’s just got a flat. He’s been homeless for a few years so it’s a bare shell. So…

I gave 20 young people a pink bouncy ball each, put them in small teams and an hour to see what they could trade up from the bouncy ball for my friend.

This is what they got:

What you can’t see in the picture is the cups and saucers, towels, dog food, and clothes…

My friend was blown away… when we turned up with the chair with all the things collected and swapped he commented that he had been sitting on the floor so the chair was amazing!

It was a hard thing for the young people to do, yet they did it… And blessed the socks off someone in the process.

These guys are in the process of swapping a rug for a jumper!


This is halfway through for some of the team. They traded it up for something bigger!

Afterwards I gave all the young people an empty bag, a pound coin each and the challenge to buy something that they could take to one person who had blessed them to say thank you. Simple thing to do, yet it spoke volumes to the shop keepers and market stall holders…

3 thoughts on “Up-grading trading for Jesus

  1. Beautiful activity…really blessed Emily, Chris – as ever praising the Lord for your imaginative encouragement for saints to engage with others in delightful ways – this is how life should be! I have heard Emily describing this experience to loads of people, I think, besides all the rest of what you are doing, you are changing a young generation…want a hug?

    Ruth the Gibbster

  2. Chris, that was one of those genius ideas that blesses everyone. A demonstration that the power to love can mean everybody wins. Thanks for sharing it! Warm fuzzies all round 😉

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