One from a while back…

be the light

stick man drawingOver the past few days I’ve seen some strange stuff. Real strange. I want to be honest with you, it’s shocked me a bit as to what’s happened. I should be used to it, but I just can’t accept it as the norm… yet.

So, what is this strange phenomenon I have witnessed? Well, I don’t quite know how to write this other than: I’ve seen God heal people.

There, I’ve said it and yes, if you’re a Christian reading this you may be thinking ‘what’s so strange about that?!’ Well, the healing I have witnessed has happened to and through the most unexpected of people.

Firstly on Sunday as part of a talk I was giving at a multi-church gathering week-end away I child-drawing-pictureasked the children gathered to pray for people who were sick and in need of healing. But the way we were going to do it was…

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