I spent this morning in the pub painting pictures and talking to people…


Through doing so I spoke with a couple about their need for hope as I gave them a painting of blue skies breaking out and hope coming…

I also spoke with a man about heaven as I painted in the pub. He shared an experience of being in a coma for 3 months where he had seen glimpses of heaven, but was still unsure as to whether there was an afterlife. We spoke about Jesus, the one who brings us safely home when we die. Such an honour to talk with him.

Later I spoke with a young Muslim man in the pub about ‘deep roots’ and gave him a painting of a vibrant tree with mirrored deep roots. He seemed to appreciate it.

I then ventured to find people with one of my volunteers, Dave Key. It was so good to pray for an elderly lady who had painful legs. So good to ask for healing and to bless her.

Afterwards I met with a friend for lunch who is homeless. We prayed together.

My afternoon team then worked amazingly well giving out lots as lots of iced cups of water!


We worked well as a team, on a rota of offering water or serving water or praying in the shade for those around us. We had some fascinating conversations and many people shared their thanks for what we were doing.

What a privilege it is to share good news…


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