I had another long weekend. So, Sunday night I was tired after a fulfilling busy 12 hour day, most of it was filled with giving stuff away and ‘making people’s days!’ Great, but I was pooped and had a 4 hour journey ahead of me.

So, picture the scene: I’m on the way home on the train shattered and thinking about how much I would like to watch Top Gear on TV with a cold beer. And in my tired state I somehow managed to by accident keep blessing people without thinking about it. It wasn’t as if I had planned to help people or encourage them…

So what does it mean to ‘bless’ someone? It’s an action that usually takes people by surprise, a meeting of a need, a gift given without any reason, a prayer offered out of compassion, a resourcing where people lack. It’s bringing a taste of heaven to earth. Blessing asks the question: ‘what does love look like in this situation?’ I see a need, how may I offer something to meet it?

On my journey home I passed on the box of chocolates that had been given to me to the staff at the ticket office in Crewe. I helped wash the hands with my bottle of water of a man whose bike chain had fallen off on Euston Road in London and I gave a bottle of coke to a tired ticket inspector and chatted with the coffee shop workers after a long shift and prayed for a lady begging outside Kings cross station. It was an energising journey home… Surprise surprise, when I got back home I felt refreshed and relaxed. When we give, we receive. Simple, but profoundly true.

In what way will you reach out and bless someone today? On Saturday I left some money in the trolly with the hope that the simple gesture would simply bless someone…

Share your ways in which you ‘bless’ people in the comments below- let’s start a blessing revolution!


8 thoughts on “Everyday blessing

  1. A couple of weeks ago we were in Chester and there was a sudden heavy downpour. Rachel popped into Poundland and bought five lovely umbrellas and gave them out to people who were getting unexpectedly soaked! She says it was the best five pounds she’s ever spent!

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