So, I wonder whether you have tried treasure hunting yet?

be the light

More and more Christians are willing to have a go and do some new things to let others in on the good news of Jesus. I have been surprised by the willingness shown by church leaders to creatively reach out to those in their communities especially with Treasure Hunting, a simple way doing ‘prophetic evangelism.’

Treasure Hunting bookThe idea comes from the home of Bethel Church in California and was created by Kevin Dedman. You can read ‘The Ultimate treasure Hunt’ which gives an excellent overview and theological basis of Treasure hunting. You can see more information here.

So, what is it? How does Treasure Hunting work? It is simply asking God for some clues as to the people we are going to meet and what they need. Over the past few months those whom I have met have asked me: ‘how do you know me?’ One lady asked if the small…

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