stick man drawingOver the past few days I’ve seen some strange stuff. Real strange. I want to be honest with you, it’s shocked me a bit as to what’s happened. I should be used to it, but I just can’t accept it as the norm… yet.

So, what is this strange phenomenon I have witnessed? Well, I don’t quite know how to write this other than: I’ve seen God heal people.

There, I’ve said it and yes, if you’re a Christian reading this you may be thinking ‘what’s so strange about that?!’ Well, the healing I have witnessed has happened to and through the most unexpected of people.

Firstly on Sunday as part of a talk I was giving at a multi-church gathering week-end away I child-drawing-pictureasked the children gathered to pray for people who were sick and in need of healing. But the way we were going to do it was draw a stick man and ask God where people were hurting and then draw an arrow to where God wanted to heal people! It was the first time I had done anything like this before…. we had time for around 12 children to share their pictures… but we could have kept going all day, over 30 people had heard from God and had something to pray for! Each one was spot on for someone in the room, ranging from a painful right wrist to tummy pain on the left hand side to someone who had heart-ache. A lady with a head-ache was prayed for by a child who had heard from God that someone had one, and was healed of it! Another lady who had been in pain was prayed for and experienced the pain in her stomach and kidney going! It was a beautiful sight to see…

Then yesterday. This strange supernatural phenomenon seemed to happen quite naturally at the Alpha course I was speaking on titled ‘Does God Heal Today?’

After my talk which consisted of my own stories and biblical examples of healing I then challenged the groups sitting round the tables in the hotel where they meet to offer to pray for people and ask God ‘do you want me to pray for someone here tonight?’

After a few minutes of quiet I was amazed to see how readily and easily people engaged with praying for those who were sick. Beforehand I shared some words that I felt could possibly be for people who needed healing in different areas, including: sore upper back and neck pain, trouble breathing and pain in the left shoulder. One man who hadn’t considered that God could heal people was prayed for by an Alpha ‘guest’ and the pain left immediately. He had woken that morning with a painful neck and upper back and a simple prayer took that pain away in the name of Jesus.

Some of the stories I shared with the Alpha course group were from Facebook friends who over a few hours had shared many examples of God’s healing: here are some of their encounters of healing, there’s quite a few!

Does God heal today fb.

Does God heal today fb 2 Does God heal today fb 3 Does God heal today fb 4 Does God heal today fb 5

Over the past few months I have seen more and more people experience God and His healing than ever before. Yes, I know so many people who haven’t been healed and I can’t even begin to explain why some are and some aren’t, yet I have seen people unexpectedly encounter God and understand that what they have seen and felt is a ‘sign’ to them of God’s love for them and that he longs for a right relationship with them.

What about you? Have you seen more people healed recently? Please share your story in the comments below as to what you have encountered.

2 thoughts on “God healing people through stick men pictures? Real strange.

  1. Thanks for posting this Chris – as one of those who prayed for Ed Jones when he was 11, I was especially interested to read his comments! I myself used to suffer with awful headaches – the sort that needed me to go and lie down in a darkened room for several hours, and hopefully things would improve!! It must be over 10 years ago now that during a communion service when I was feeling particularly fragile, my deacons in Hull anointed me with oil and prayed for me! I remember feeling the pain leave me, and I can honestly say that I’ve never suffered in the same way since!

    1. Thanks Paul… Amazing! Ed is quite a miracle. Thank you for praying for him! Thank you also for sharing the story of healed headaches. It’s so simple… When we pray for healing something happens!

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