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Just humour me for two minutes. Imagine for a moment that you haven’t been to a church service before, as far as you know, in your whole life. Your parents didn’t go, apart from funerals, and they didn’t go because their parents stopped going after they were married in their local parish church. 

Picture yourself for a moment: you’re out and about with your children on a rushed sunday morning shopping trip with a list of two items: to get one of your children some new school shoes and to pick up some spuds for the roast dinner. As you enter the market square you encounter something colourful and vibrant, and judging by the laughter it looks like fun, too. 

You go over and take a look. On offer are free activities for children, a free bacon roll stand and lots of young people giving away bottles of water. Your…

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2 thoughts on “Inside out church

  1. Hi, I’m so excited about these ideas and just want to get out there and do them, my problem is that Long Whatton is as it says a long narrow village and a quiet one. If I go for a walk from one end to the other I might onl meet 3/4 people. Any ideas for small, quiet villages?

    Ali Boston

    1. Thank for your comment… Always e willing to offer prayer works. People I meet who I know I ask what I can pray for them… Or invite to an event that we hold in our village.

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