I had an idea for last Sunday and it flopped. I had hoped to encourage a load of dad’s to think about the best dad who gave his one and only son for us…

The original idea was: ‘it takes balls to be a good dad!’ And offer a load of bouncy balls! Humorous but one that could easily cause offence.


So I decided to change tack… I chickened out of my ‘it takes balls’ idea and instead came up with a rather complicated one to write the name of ‘father’ on each ball given in the language of the dad we were giving it to… In Peterborough there are many nationalities represented. This idea only worked with one person who was from East Temor, and I wrote the name ‘papa’ on the ball. He was well chuffed to talk and we spoke about a God whom answers prayers and is like a dad. He had a story of God looking after him that was amazing!

But overall the idea just didn’t connect with people. When we managed to meet dad’s, which was quite hard due to the fact that most were over-burdened with kids in tow and on a mission to get somewhere quick, most didn’t want bouncy balls! It seems I’m the only dad who likes them… School boy error really in working out what gifts for dads. Last years bacon butties and mars bars went down much better, with more conversations about God too.

We also had a pile of ‘Sorted’ lads mags which are brilliant, written for lads and introducing themes from a christian perspective. However, the magazine idea looked like a ‘hard sell’ where once you got your bouncy ball the pitch moved onto the magazine, closing the deal was when you took one- Too complicated.

However… The best bit of the day was that my 11 year old son joined me. My Son is amazing and was so excited to share something of Jesus with people. He was so brave and was willing to ask people about the free gift.

Our morning together followed by milkshake afterwards was the best Father’s Day treat for me… So perhaps it wasn’t such a flop after all.

4 thoughts on “A load of balls and some lads mags…

  1. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for sharing this story of something that didn’t go as well as planned. My experience of church life is that whilst it is true that we don’t know how God is going to use something that to us appears to be a flop, I suspect that actually sometimes things are just a flop and we need to learn from them rather than either give up or keep doing stuff that just doesn’t connect. So your sharing of the experience is an encouragement to somebody who has taken the odd risk and not always seen much point afterward.
    I’m glad you got a good Father’s Day with Seth – treasure each moment, my two grew up so quickly!
    Bless you, and thank you for leading the way in pioneering,

    1. Thanks Neil… It was a hard morning I must admit- yet it’s good for my son to see determination and joy despite not a lot going on! Anyhow, I do wonder about st st and how I may develop it to discipling people as much as possible. Thanks again, Chris

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