I’m humbled.

Genuinely don’t quite know what to write. Today I had a complete stranger ask for help. She wasn’t even meant to be in town, but rather with a friend. She saw me and one of my volunteers with the ‘city centre chaplaincy’ top and asked for help. ‘I am desperate and need someone to talk to…’

It turned out she had planned to kill herself tonight but now saw God in this chance meeting… We prayed together and asked for strength and miracles.


5 thoughts on ““I have never stopped anyone ever before in my life…”

  1. Awesome Chris … God knew where you and she were meant to be – Thank you for being such an obedient servant and thank you God that you care for every single one of us! I’ll be praying for her – Kate Thompson

  2. I’m glad that you were there and able to talk to her in such a difficult time. Such a chance meeting but that may be enough for her to make it through another day.

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