As part of my work with The Light Project I’m on my way home from speaking at a CLAN Lothian’s event. When I phoned home this morning my son said ‘how’s your holiday?!’ While I was having fun I wasn’t exactly lounging around with a good book or sightseeing! I spoke on the Friday night and Saturday morning on 6 characteristics of Brave Christians whom, instead of a spirit of fear have been given a Spirit of power, love and self control. (2 Timothy 1.7)

CLAN sounds somewhat Braveheart but it’s less swords and horses then you may think and stands for ‘Christians Linked Across the Nation.’


As part of the training the churches had organised a family fun day with over 20 different activities for all the family from face painting, bouncing castles, great food and plenty of opportunities for people to engage with the Christian faith. This included stalls where people could ask for dream interpretation, prayer for healing. Everyone was also invited to a free concert in the evening.


I also sent teams out to do ‘Treasure Hunting’ and also offer gifts to people to remind them of God’s love. (The stories of these Devine appointments blew me away!) One couple met the person whom they had exactly written that they would meet, this man was so surprised that he took them to meet his wife to share how God had led then to him!

What struck me about the whole day was that it didn’t seem unusual. The people running it naturally shared their faith and lives with their neighbours and observing the church leader engage with the people around him was greatly encouraging. This church was truly evangelical as it was heralding the good news in the most vibrant way. One of the people who attended the conference on how to be ‘brave in sharing your faith’ was a lady who wasn’t a christian but was there to serve one of the delegates as her ‘hands.’ She wanted to talk to me afterwards to encourage me by the way I communicated and also with the examples I gave in sharing faith!


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