So with my feet up and five minutes to chill I thought I would reflect a bit on my day… I’ve just got back from Chesham where I had the most unusual task of taking the place of a Cardinal as speaker as he has flown off to Rome as the Catholic Church chooses another pope… It will be funny if it turns out to be him who is chosen for the role! The local Priest thanked me at the end of the talk and question time (which lasted 1hour 20mins) and said I had done a great job! Phew! This lent gathering of all the churches in Chesham afforded a great opportunity for me to speak about my role in the Baptist Union as well as the joys of my job!

I spoke on keeping our faith by giving it away. An act of breathing in and breathing out. The question time revealed that most people do find faith sharing a hard thing to do… Yet it is vital for all kinds of Christians to share and show what they believe 1) for others to get it but 2) for Christians to grow in their own faith.

This ebb and flow of healthy christian living is vital… I often suffer from the lack of the ‘breathing in’ part and focus on the ‘breathing out’ as I do have a passion to share faith in a way that people may connect with it.

Today, before heading for Chesham was one of my days to breath in deeply as I chose to set apart the day for praying and walking, a real treat to have time alone with God. Not only did this prepare me for a busy evening talking, it grounded me once again into the God who loves me and desires that I become more and more like Jesus.

How do you breath in and out with your faith?



2 thoughts on “Breathing in and out…

  1. Rhythm is key to this isn’t it – I had a Sabbatical (a 3 month period that I’m fortunate enough that my role allows me to take every seventh year!)… and I can’t quite put into words what that deep qualitity time with Father did for me. My role also allows me a reading week every year, which I hadn’t taken once in the six years previous to me Sabbatical year – but I was really determined to build those in to the ‘ebb and flow’ of the year…

    I didn’t in the following year, but did this year at the start of Feb, and it connected me again to the fact that there’s some stuff that God can only do in you when He’s got you on your own!

    “My words are spirit and they are life” says Jesus, more listening = more life!! Thanks Chris…

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